Equality & Ethics

As the Scottish Governing Body for the sport of Sea Angling in Scotland, the SFSA actively promotes and supports the ethical organisation, running and delivery of sea angling.

We do this through our commitment to ensure that the following core values underpin everything we do and that they are enshrined in our Policies, Procedures and Practice :

  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Equality

To effectively govern the sport of sea angling in Scotland the SFSA has developed a comprehensive library of publications, policies and plans in line with best practice and legal and moral obligations. All of these are published here on this website and members are actively encouraged to raise questions or provide feedback to help to ensure they remain current and fit for purpose.

Equality in Angling

The SFSA is fully committed to equality in angling (***our link here***), the principles of equality of opportunity and to ensuring that no member, volunteer, coach, employee or job applicant of the SFSA, receives less favourable treatment and also ensures an equal opportunity to participate in the sport of sea angling at all levels and in all roles.

SFSA Corporate Plans & Policies

The SFSA has a number of corporate policies and plans(***our link here***), covering the Business Plan, Corporate Governance, Finance and Data Protection, amongst others. These policies can all be found in this section.

Equality Policy

Ensuring Equality of Opportunity exists for anyone who wishes to participate in sea angling in Scotland in whatever capacity is a key objective of the SFSA
SFSA Equality policy with Equality Act (PDF) (***our link here***)

Equality and Code of Conduct

The SFSA publishes standards by which it expects all of its Office Bearers, Coaches, Volunteers, Clubs and Members to conduct themselves. This is issued to all new members.
SFSA Equality and Code of Conduct (PDF) (***our link here***)

Human Resources Handbook

Like any other organisation that employs individuals, be they paid or volunteer staff, the SFSA needs a Human Resources Handbook.
SFSA Human Resources Handbook (PDF) (***our link here***)

Discipline Policy and Procedures

The SFSA Discipline Policy and Procedures underpin the discipline section in the HR Handbook and provide guidance for dealing with all disciplinary issues and detailed procedures covering the end to end process for those involved. They can be found at
SFSA Discipline Policy and Procedures (PDF) (***our link here***)

Conflict of Interest Policy
The SFSA has a duty to its members and the wider angling public to ensure that all of its Office Bearers are acting in the best interests of sea angling in Scotland and not for their own gains.
SFSA Conflict of Interests Policy (PDF) (***our link here***)

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