Rules for fishing events (03/01)

*Amended or new

1.  The organisers shall publish the fee for participating in an event and shall detail the same as being the sum of:

(a) An entry fee         (b)  boat fee           (c)  daily S.F.S.A. Festival Levy.

2.  The organisers will issue official entry cards prior to the start of the event and these shall bear the name and registration number of the entrant and in the case of boat events, the name or number of the boat to which the entrant is allocated.

3.  The allocation of boat places is to be made in public.

4.  The organisers will publish, prior to the event, the times for Registration, departure, fishing, return and weigh-in. (Departure and fishing times must be such that all anglers have the same opportunity of getting to the fishing grounds before the start of fishing.)

5.  The organisers will publish prior to the event, definable limits within which the event will be fished.  In shore events, boundaries apply to stance not to direction of cast.

6* Stewards, whose task is to enforce the rules, may be appointed by the organisers and will be identified by official badges.

7*   (a) Shore Events:           All Sections of a shore event may be stewarded.

(b) Boat Events:           All boats may carry an official steward.

8.  The organisers shall have the right to:

(a) refuse to accept the entry of any applicant.

(b) inspect all tackle and items of equipment belonging to any entrants.

9.  The organisers will have all weighing machines checked for accuracy and suitability prior to the weigh-in.

10. *(a) All protests or disputes will be made in writing, giving the reason and the names of the witnesses as are required, by close of the scales at the latest.

*(b) Disputes:   Any dispute or complaint arising will be investigated by an adjudicating committee made up of a minimum of three (3) members of the organising committee and an equal number of neutral entrants, together with a neutral, non-voting chairman who shall have casting vote only.  The chairman will be the official representative of the S.F.S.A. if he is not involved as an organiser of the event.

11*  (a) In all S.F.S.A sponsored boat events the number of anglers carried aboard boats will not exceed those recommended by the Board of Trade or Council Licence, which they hold.

*(b) All boat anglers are strongly advised of the wisdom of wearing a serviceable flotation suit and they should check that the craft lifesaving equipments are readily available before they leave port.

12. (a) In roving shore events the minimum distance between anglers will be 5 metres, unless this is agreed to be waived by the anglers concerned.

(b) In pegged matches the minimum distance between anglers will be 8 metres.

13. A JUNIOR is a person who under sixteen (16) years of age on 1st January.

14. Tope and Skate Festivals:           The organisers shall provide each boat (or shore section) with a set of tested scales in all events designated as TOPE or SKATE festivals to enable all fish of these species to be weighed immediately after their capture then returned to the water.  The boat steward or boat skipper together with one angler, or in a shore event a steward and one angler, shall act as weigh masters.

15*. S.F.S.A Fishing Rules will be displayed in A4 Format at all registration points.

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1.  Entrants must be in possession of an entry/weigh-in card which must be produced on demand by a steward or official.

2.  Fishing is only to take place in the times and within the limits laid down by the organisers.

3* Fishing will be by rod, reel and line.

4* Participants may fish with one rod fully tackled up.  A spare rod may be assembled to the extent that it holds a reel with line running through the rings to a swivel or link, but no terminal tackle may be connected.

5.  Rods shall have a minimum length of 1.52m. (5ft.).  The maximum length for boat fishing will be 3.04m. (10′) (from March 1992). A limit on maximum length for shore fishing is not imposed.

6.  A maximum of three (3) single hooks may be used.  Treble hooks count as three (3) hooks and a double hook as two (2) hooks.

7.  Artificial lures may be of any type and size but may only be fitted with hooks whose gape does not exceed 25mm.

8.  The deliberate foul hooking of fish is not permitted, however, accidental foul hooked fish will be eligible for weigh-in.

9.  If a fish is hooked by two anglers, the angler with the hook in fish’s mouth may weigh-in the fish. If both anglers have hooked the fish in the mouth or in the body the fish will not count for weigh-in.

10. Anglers may only receive the help of other persons to gaff or lift a fish.

11* The rod is not to be rested on boat-gun whales, capstans or rod seat, etc., while playing a fish. Hand lining is only permitted when the terminal trace can be used for that purpose.  Shock leaders are not classed as terminal tackle.

12* *(a) Competitors with physical handicaps may receive help with casting provided they obtain permission in writing from the organisers prior to the event.

*(b) Junior anglers may receive help with releasing snagged end tackle i.e., pulling out of rocks or wrecks, but not retrieving this gear.

*(c) All participating anglers in shore competitions must cast out their own tackle.

13. Contravention of any of these fishing rules may result in disqualification.